We have shared stories of the courage it takes to leave homelands, culture, family, and all that is familiar.  For many, it has taken courage to learn English, to make new friends, to apply for jobs and to guide children through this new way of life.  It certainly takes courage to stand up and call out discrimination and inequality, and there are those days where the barriers feel so immense that it takes courage to simply get out of bed.   What do you need courage for?

Our book features recipes, stories, photography and art by women from sixteen different cultural backgrounds.  A few of our children, partners and husbands have also shared their love for cooking in this book.

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From August 2017 to April 2018, women from refugee, immigrant and Aboriginal backgrounds gathered weekly to share knowledge, stories, dishes and a passion for creating food bound to bring family, friends and guests to the table. 

We have collected and created recipes for dishes that have been cooked and handed down for generations, but often never actually recorded!

Delicious, delightful and diverse dishes from around the world, handpicked home-cooking recipes from the heart. 

This beautiful and unique book was conceived and developed through a project of the Grampians Communities of Respect and Equality (CoRE) Alliance, which seeks to achieve a safe, equal and respectful society for everyone.

The It Takes Courage project set out to empower local immigrant, refugee and Aboriginal women and their communities

This book is so much more than a beautiful, high quality collection of recipes; it is filled with unique and personal insights and stories, it embodies humanity, love and survival, it respects and celebrates diversity and highlights what unites us.